Shining Lights Church   シャイニングライツ チャーチ

Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, Japan   京都府長岡京市


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DateTitleScripture Reference  
2017-12-24Overcoming the Deep DarknessMatthew 2:16-18wmamp3
2017-12-17Words of EncouragementLuke 8:48wmamp3
2017-12-10The Woman's TestimonyLuke 8:47wmamp3
2017-12-03Examining a Disruptive QuestionLuke 8:45-46wmamp3
2017-11-26A Prayer for Justice - Part VI (A Request for Protection)Psalm 17:8-9wmamp3
2017-11-19Determined to be Healed - Part 2 Luke 8:42b-44wmamp3
2017-11-12Determined to be Healed - Part 1 Luke 8:42b-44wmamp3
2017-11-05Jairus' Request for HelpLuke 8:41-42awmamp3
2017-10-29The Warm WelcomeLuke 8:40wmamp3
2017-10-22A Prayer for Justice - Part V (A Declaration of Faith)Psalm 17:6-7wmamp3
2017-10-15From Possessed To PreacherLuke 8:38-39wmamp3
2017-10-08Rejecting the HealerLuke 8:36-37wmamp3
2017-09-24A Prayer for Justice - Part IV (A Just Course of Life)Psalm 17:4-5wmamp3
2017-09-17Examining the EvidenceLuke 8:34-35wmamp3
2017-09-10The Drowning of the PigsLuke 8:32-33wmamp3
2017-09-03A Legion of DemonsLuke 8:30-31wmamp3
2017-08-27A Prayer for Justice - Part III (A Plea of Innocence)Psalm 17:3wmamp3
2017-08-20Tormented by DemonsLuke 8:29wmamp3
2017-07-30A Possessed Man meets JesusLuke 8:28wmamp3
2017-07-23A Prayer for Justice - Part II (God is the Source of Justice)Psalm 17:2wmamp3
2017-07-16Challenges We'll Face when Going Forth with the GospelLuke 8:26-27wmamp3
2017-07-09Where Growth is NeededLuke 8:25wmamp3
2017-07-02Jesus Calms the StormLuke 8:24wmamp3
2017-06-25A Prayer for Justice - Part I (Petitioning God)Psalm 17:1wmamp3
2017-06-18Setting Out on a MissionLuke 8:22-23wmamp3
2017-06-11The Family of Jesus - Part IILuke 8:19-21wmamp3
2017-06-04The Family of Jesus - Part ILuke 8:19-21wmamp3
2017-05-28Relationship with God - Part VIIIPsalm 16:11wmamp3
2017-05-14The Light - Part IIILuke 8:16-18wmamp3
2017-05-07The Light - Part IILuke 8:16-18wmamp3
2017-04-30The Light - Part ILuke 8:16-18wmamp3
2017-04-23Relationship with God - Part VIIPsalm 16:9-10wmamp3
2017-04-16Abused by the HypocritesMatthew 26:67-68wmamp3
2017-04-09Relationship with God - Part VIPsalm 16:8wmamp3
2017-04-02The Meaning of The Parable of the Sower - Part IVLuke 8:15wmamp3
2017-03-19The Meaning of The Parable of the Sower - Part IIILuke 8:14wmamp3
2017-03-12The Meaning of The Parable of the Sower - Part IILuke 8:13wmamp3
2017-03-05The Meaning of The Parable of the Sower - Part ILuke 8:11-12wmamp3
2017-02-26Relationship with God - Part VPsalm 16:7wmamp3
2017-02-19Secrets of the Kingdom of GodLuke 8:9-10wmamp3
2017-02-12Relationship with God - Part IVPsalm 16:5-6wmamp3
2017-02-05The Parable of the Sower - Part IV (Good Soil and Hearing God's Word)Luke 8:8wmamp3
2017-01-22The Parable of the Sower - Part III (Rocks and Thorns)Luke 8:6-7wmamp3
2017-01-15The Parable of the Sower - Part II (A Sower, a Path and some Birds)Luke 8:5wmamp3
2017-01-08The Parable of the Sower - Part I (The Setting)Luke 8:4wmamp3
2016-12-18Jesus in EgyptMatthew 2:14-15wmamp3
2016-12-11Three Women Who Supported Jesus' MinistryLuke 8:1-3wmamp3
2016-12-04Relationship with God - Part IIIPsalm 16:4wmamp3
2016-11-27Glorious Conquerors (speaker Laurie Clarke)Romans 8:18-39wmamp3
2016-11-20Good News from God (speaker Laurie Clarke)Romans 1:1-17wmamp3
2016-11-13Effective EvangelismLuke 8:1-2awmamp3
2016-11-06Relationship with God - Part IIPsalm 16:3wmamp3
2016-10-30ForgivenLuke 7:48-50wmamp3
2016-10-23Relationship with God - Part IPsalm 16:1-2wmamp3
2016-10-16Much and LittleLuke 7:47wmamp3
2016-10-09How They Treated JesusLuke 7:44b-46wmamp3
2016-10-02Making in RealLuke 7:44awmamp3
2016-09-25Citizens of Heaven - Part V (Attitudes to Money and Conclusion)Psalm 15:5wmamp3
2016-09-18An Illustration of Forgiveness - Part IIILuke 7:40-43wmamp3
2016-09-11An Illustration of Forgiveness - Part IILuke 7:40-43wmamp3
2016-09-04An Illustration of Forgiveness - Part ILuke 7:40-43wmamp3
2016-08-28Citizens of Heaven - Part IV (Integrity)Psalm 15:4wmamp3
2016-08-21The Judgmental AttitudeLuke 7:39wmamp3
2016-08-07The Attraction of Grace - Part IILuke 7:37-38wmamp3
2016-07-31The Attraction of Grace - Part ILuke 7:37-38wmamp3
2016-07-24Citizens of Heaven - Part III (Relationships)Psalm 15:3wmamp3
2016-07-10Dinner with a PhariseeLuke 7:36wmamp3
2016-07-03Understanding God's TruthLuke 7:35wmamp3
2016-06-26Citizens of Heaven - Part II (Our Transformation)Psalm 15:2wmamp3
2016-06-19Misunderstanding JesusLuke 7:34wmamp3
2016-06-12Misunderstanding John the BaptistLuke 7:33wmamp3
2016-05-29Who are The Foolish Generation?Luke 7:31-32wmamp3
2016-05-22Citizens of Heaven - Part I (Our Dwelling Place)Psalm 15:1wmamp3
2016-05-15The Humble and The ProudLuke 7:29-30wmamp3
2016-05-08The Greatest Change EverLuke 7:28wmamp3
2016-04-24The Folly of Wickedness - Part V (The End of Wickedness)Psalm 14:7wmamp3
2016-04-17Who is John the Baptist? - Part IVLuke 7:27wmamp3
2016-04-10Who is John the Baptist? - Part IIILuke 7:26wmamp3
2016-03-27Rejected by His Own PeopleMatthew 26:65-66wmamp3
2016-03-20Who is John the Baptist? - Part IILuke 7:25bwmamp3
2016-03-13Who is John the Baptist? - Part ILuke 7:24-25awmamp3
2016-03-06Responding to the EvidenceLuke 7:23wmamp3
2016-02-28The Folly of Wickedness - Part IV (The Obstructors)Psalm 14:6wmamp3
2016-02-21Evidence that He is the Messiah - Part IILuke 7:22cwmamp3
2016-02-14Evidence that He is the Messiah - Part ILuke 7:22bwmamp3
2016-02-07Being Faithful WitnessesLuke 7:22awmamp3
2016-01-31John the Baptist's Disciples meet JesusLuke 7:20-21wmamp3
2016-01-24The Folly of Wickedness - Part III (Workers of iniquity)Psalm 14:4-5wmamp3
2016-01-17John the Baptist's Question to JesusLuke 7:18-19wmamp3
2016-01-10Resurrection in Nain - Part IV (The impact)Luke 7:16-17wmamp3
2016-01-03The Folly of Wickedness - Part II (God is looking)Psalm 14:2-3wmamp3
2015-12-20Leaving BethlehemMatthew 2:12-14wmamp3
2015-12-13Resurrection in Nain - Part III (Restoring the man)Luke 7:15wmamp3
2015-12-06Resurrection in Nain - Part II (Jesus' response)Luke 7:13-14wmamp3
2015-11-29The Folly of Wickedness - Part I (The atheist attitude)Psalm 14:1wmamp3
2015-11-15Testimony (speaker Yuki)Bilingualwmamp3
2015-11-08Resurrection in Nain - Part I (The Arrival)Luke 7:11-12wmamp3
2015-11-01The Centurion's Faith - Part VI (Jesus' reactions)Luke 7:9-10wmamp3
2015-10-25Declarations of a Man Clinging on to HopePsalm 13:5-6wmamp3
2015-10-11The Centurion's Faith - Part V (understanding authority)Luke 7:8wmamp3
2015-10-04The Centurion's Faith - Part IV (his humility)Luke 7:6b-7wmamp3
2015-09-27Urgent Requests from a Man in DistressPsalm 13:3-4wmamp3
2015-09-20The Centurion's Faith - Part III (the elders' plea)Luke 7:4-6awmamp3
2015-09-13The Centurion's Faith - Part II (seeking Jesus)Luke 7:3wmamp3
2015-09-06The Centurion's Faith - Part I (setting the scene)Luke 7:1-2wmamp3
2015-08-30The Poorly Built HouseLuke 6:49wmamp3
2015-08-23Honest Questions from a Broken ManPsalm 13:1-2wmamp3
2015-08-09The Well Built HouseLuke 6:48wmamp3
2015-08-02Moving from "Talkers" to "Walkers"Luke 6:46-47wmamp3
2015-07-26A Prayer for Help - Part V (Protection from the Wicked)Psalm 12:7-8wmamp3
2015-07-19From The HeartLuke 6:45wmamp3
2015-07-12In The OrchardLuke 6:43-44wmamp3
2015-07-05True HumilityLuke 6:41-42wmamp3
2015-06-28A Prayer for Help - Part IV (God's Words)Psalm 12:6wmamp3
2015-06-21The Spiritual JourneyLuke 6:39-40wmamp3
2015-06-14Transformation - Part IILuke 6:38wmamp3
2015-06-07Transformation - Part ILuke 6:37wmamp3
2015-05-31Imitating the FatherLuke 6:35b-36wmamp3
2015-05-24A Prayer for Help - Part III (God's Faithfulness)Psalm 12:5wmamp3
2015-05-17Movement towards HolinessLuke 6:35awmamp3
2015-05-10Rethinking RighteousnessLuke 6:32-34wmamp3
2015-04-19The Golden RuleLuke 6:31wmamp3
2015-04-12The Way of PeaceLuke 6:29-30wmamp3
2015-04-05Jesus' TestimonyMatthew 26:63b-64wmamp3
2015-03-29Love Your EnemiesLuke 6:27-28wmamp3
2015-03-22A Prayer for Help - Part II (Silence the World)Psalm 12:3-4wmamp3
2015-03-15Four Woes - Part IILuke 6:24-26wmamp3
2015-03-08Four Woes - Part ILuke 6:24-26wmamp3
2015-03-01Rethinking PersecutionLuke 6:23wmamp3
2015-02-22A Prayer for Help - Part I (I'm all alone)Psalm 12:1-2wmamp3
2015-02-15The Persecution of the DisciplesLuke 6:22wmamp3
2015-02-08The Hungry and the WeepingLuke 6:21wmamp3
2015-02-01Blessings in PovertyLuke 6:20wmamp3
2015-01-25God is Our Hope - Part VII (He is Righteous)Psalm 11:7wmamp3
2015-01-18An Outpouring of PowerLuke 6:19wmamp3
2015-01-11Special Message: "I Am the Way"John 14:6wmamp3
2014-12-21Finding JesusMatthew 2:9-11wmamp3
2014-12-14Why Did the People Come to Jesus?Luke 6:18wmamp3
2014-12-07A GatheringLuke 6:17wmamp3
2014-11-30God is Our Hope - Part VI (The Consequences of Not Trusting Him)Psalm 11:6wmamp3
2014-11-16The 12 Apostles - Part III (James son of Alpheus, Simon the Zealot, Judas son of James, and Judas Iscariot)Luke 6:15b-16wmamp3
2014-11-09The 12 Apostles - Part II (Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew and Thomas)Luke 6:14b-15awmamp3
2014-11-02The 12 Apostles - Part I (Peter, Andrew, James and John)Luke 6:14awmamp3
2014-10-26God is Our Hope - Part V (Everyone Must Choose)Psalm 11:5wmamp3
2014-10-19Selecting a TeamLuke 6:12-13wmamp3
2014-10-12Lord of the Sabbath - Part VIII (Got Reactions from the Religious)Luke 6:11wmamp3
2014-10-05Lord of the Sabbath - Part VII (The Giver of Rest)Luke 6:10wmamp3
2014-09-07Lord of the Sabbath - Part VI (Challenging Our Thinking)Luke 6:9wmamp3
2014-08-31God is Our Hope - Part IV (He is Supreme)Psalm 11:4wmamp3
2014-08-24Lord of the Sabbath - Part V (His Gift to Us)Luke 6:8wmamp3
2014-08-10Lord of the Sabbath - Part IV (Watchful Eyes)Luke 6:6-7wmamp3
2014-07-27God is Our Hope - Part III (He is Our Rock)Psalm 11:3wmamp3
2014-07-20Lord of the Sabbath - Part III (He is Supreme)Luke 6:5wmamp3
2014-07-13Lord of the Sabbath - Part II (The Greater Law)Luke 6:3-4wmamp3
2014-06-29Lord of the Sabbath - Part I (Hungry Disciples)Luke 6:1-2wmamp3
2014-06-22God is Our Hope - Part II (We Don't Fear Other Humans)Psalm 11:2wmamp3
2014-06-15The Addictiveness of the Old WineLuke 5:39wmamp3
2014-06-08Wine, Wineskins and Church OrganisationLuke 5:37-38wmamp3
2014-06-01A Change of Clothing from the LordLuke 5:36wmamp3
2014-05-25God is Our Hope - Part I (In Him We Trust)Psalm 11:1wmamp3
2014-05-18An Analogy of a Bridegroom (the seasons of our walk with Him)Luke 5:34-35wmamp3
2014-05-11Three Types of FollowersLuke 5:33wmamp3
2014-05-04Who Did Jesus Come For?Luke 5:31-32wmamp3
2014-04-27Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part XII (Why God Will Bring Judgment)Psalm 10:17-18wmamp3
2014-04-20The Lamb of GodMatthew 26:62-63awmamp3
2014-04-13The Pharisee NatureLuke 5:30wmamp3
2014-03-23Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part XI (Profession of God's Nature)Psalm 10:16wmamp3
2014-03-16An Evangelistic FeastLuke 5:29wmamp3
2014-03-09The Way Jesus CallsLuke 5:27-28wmamp3
2014-03-02The Case for Jesus' Divinity - Part VI - The Way the People ReactedLuke 5:26wmamp3
2014-02-23Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part X (Declaration of Judgment)Psalm 10:15wmamp3
2014-02-16The Case for Jesus' Divinity - Part V - His AuthorityLuke 5:24-25wmamp3
2014-02-09The Case for Jesus' Divinity - Part IV - Higher KnowledgeLuke 5:22-23wmamp3
2014-02-02The Case for Jesus' Divinity - Part III - His Unexpected WordsLuke 5:20-21wmamp3
2014-01-26Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part IX (Proclamation of Hope)Psalm 10:14wmamp3
2014-01-19The Case for Jesus' Divinity - Part II - The Trust People Have in HimLuke 5:18-19wmamp3
2014-01-12The Case for Jesus' Divinity - Part I - Opening EvidenceLuke 5:17wmamp3
2013-12-29An Example of a Balanced LifeLuke 5:15-16wmamp3
2013-12-22The Wrong Kind of SearchingMatthew 2:7-8wmamp3
2013-12-15What Jesus Asks of the Ones CleansedLuke 5:14wmamp3
2013-12-08A Cleansing from the LordLuke 5:12-13wmamp3
2013-12-01The Call to the Work of the GospelLuke 5:9-11wmamp3
2013-11-24Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part VIII (The Awakening Remnant)Psalm 10:12-13wmamp3
2013-11-17The Turning PointLuke 5:7-8wmamp3
2013-11-10Material Blessings from GodLuke 5:4-6wmamp3
2013-11-03Taking Initiative for the GospelLuke 5:1-3wmamp3
2013-10-27Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part VII (Apostasy)Psalm 10:11wmamp3
2013-10-20A Missional CallingLuke 4:43-44wmamp3
2013-10-13True DevotionLuke 4:42wmamp3
2013-10-06Fighting DemonsLuke 4:41wmamp3
2013-09-29His Healing MinistryLuke 4:40wmamp3
2013-09-22Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part VI (Oppression)Psalm 10:10wmamp3
2013-09-15Receiving a Healing from the LordLuke 4:38-39wmamp3
2013-09-08More Than Just WordsLuke 4:36-37wmamp3
2013-09-01Casting out a DemonLuke 4:35wmamp3
2013-08-04A Demon in the MidstLuke 4:33-34wmamp3
2013-07-28Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part V (Violence)Psalm 10:8-9wmamp3
2013-07-21The Unrepentant TownLuke 4:31-32wmamp3
2013-07-07The Unwelcome ProphetLuke 4:29-30wmamp3
2013-06-30The Marks of a Prophet - Part IILuke 4:27-28wmamp3
2013-06-23Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part IV (Verbal Attacks)Psalm 10:7wmamp3
2013-06-16The Marks of a Prophet - Part ILuke 4:24-26wmamp3
2013-06-09Selfish Motivations for Seeking GodLuke 4:23wmamp3
2013-06-02Witnessing JesusLuke 4:22wmamp3
2013-05-26Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part III (Corruption and Pride)Psalm 10:5-6wmamp3
2013-05-19In His PresenceLuke 4:20-21wmamp3
2013-05-12Jesus' Mission Statement - Part IILuke 4:18-19wmamp3
2013-04-28Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part II (Greed and Godlessness)Psalm 10:3-4wmamp3
2013-04-21Jesus' Mission Statement - Part ILuke 4:18-19wmamp3
2013-04-14Faithfulness in the Ordinary Things of LifeLuke 4:16-17wmamp3
2013-04-07Entering into a MinistryLuke 4:13-15wmamp3
2013-03-31Falsely AccusedMatthew 26:59-61wmamp3
2013-03-24Signs of the Coming Judgment - Part I (Faithlessness and Arrogance)Psalm 10:1-2wmamp3
2013-03-17The Temptations of Christ - Part III (Testing God)Luke 4:9-12wmamp3
2013-03-10The Temptations of Christ - Part II (Power, Fame and Riches)Luke 4:5-8wmamp3
2013-03-03The Temptations of Christ - Part I (Physical Needs)Luke 4:3-4wmamp3
2013-02-24God the Righteous Judge - Part VIII (Delivering Justice)Psalm 9:19-20wmamp3
2013-02-17Preparations for MinistryLuke 4:1-2wmamp3
2013-02-10Son of Adam, Son of GodLuke 3:38wmamp3
2013-02-03Enosh and SethLuke 3:38wmamp3
2013-01-27God the Righteous Judge - Part VII (Punishment and Reward)Psalm 9:17-18wmamp3
2013-01-20Methuselah, Enoch, Jared, Mahalalel and KenanLuke 3:37wmamp3
2013-01-13Noah and LamechLuke 3:36wmamp3
2013-01-06Cainan, Arphaxad and ShemLuke 3:36wmamp3
2012-12-30God the Righteous Judge - Part VI (Victims and Oppressors)Psalm 9:13-16wmamp3
2012-12-23The Birth of ChristMatthew 1:22-25wmamp3
2012-12-16Serug, Reu, Peleg, Eber and ShelahLuke 3:35wmamp3
2012-12-09Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Terah and NahorLuke 3:34wmamp3
2012-12-02The Importance of The Love Letter My Dad Wrote (speaker Jayden Bray)The Biblewmamp3
2012-11-25God the Righteous Judge - Part V (Sharing About His Justice)Psalm 9:11-12wmamp3
2012-11-18Amminadab, Ram, Hezron, Perez and JudahLuke 3:33wmamp3
2012-11-11Jesse, Obed, Boaz, Salmon and NahshonLuke 3:32wmamp3
2012-11-04Melea, Menna, Mattatha, Nathan and David Luke 3:31wmamp3
2012-10-28God the Righteous Judge - Part IV (Knowing God's Justice)Psalm 9:9-10wmamp3
2012-10-21Simeon, Judah, Joseph, Jonam and EliakimLuke 3:30wmamp3
2012-10-14Joshua, Eliezer, Jorim, Matthat and LeviLuke 3:29wmamp3
2012-10-07Melki, Addi, Cosam, Elmadam and ErLuke 3:28wmamp3
2012-09-30Joanan, Rhesa, Zerubbabel, Shealtiel and NeriLuke 3:27wmamp3
2012-09-23God the Righteous Judge - Part III (Prepared for Justice)Psalm 9:7-8wmamp3
2012-09-16Maath, Mattathias, Semein, Josech and JodaLuke 3:26wmamp3
2012-09-09Mattathias, Amos, Nahum, Esli and NaggaiLuke 3:25wmamp3
2012-09-02Matthat, Levi, Melki, Jannai and JosephLuke 3:24wmamp3
2012-08-26God the Righteous Judge - Part II (Establishing His Justice)Psalm 9:3-6wmamp3
2012-08-05Jesus, Joseph and HeliLuke 3:23wmamp3
2012-07-29To Show The WayLuke 3:21-22wmamp3
2012-07-22God the Righteous Judge - Part I (Proclaiming Him)Psalm 9:1-2wmamp3
2012-07-08John the Baptist and Herod AntipasLuke 3:18-20wmamp3
2012-07-01The Man at the Threshing FloorLuke 3:17wmamp3
2012-06-24A Declaration of God's Majesty - Part III (Stewards of His Majesty)Psalm 8:6-9wmamp3
2012-06-17The People, John the Baptist and The Christ - Part IILuke 3:15-16wmamp3
2012-06-10The People, John the Baptist and The Christ - Part ILuke 3:15-16wmamp3
2012-06-03Instructions for Those with Roles in this World's SystemLuke 3:12-14wmamp3
2012-05-27A Declaration of God's Majesty - Part II (Created for His Glory)Psalm 8:3-5wmamp3
2012-05-20Living for the Kingdom of HeavenLuke 3:10-11wmamp3
2012-05-138 Hard Truths from a Straight Talking Preacher - Part IILuke 3:7-9wmamp3
2012-04-298 Hard Truths from a Straight Talking Preacher - Part ILuke 3:7-9wmamp3
2012-04-22A Declaration of God's Majesty - Part I (Attributes of God's Character)Psalm 8:1-2wmamp3
2012-04-15At the coming of the LordLuke 3:5-6wmamp3
2012-04-08God's Perfection in Amongst Man's ImperfectionMatthew 26:57-58wmamp3
2012-04-01The Ministry of John the BaptistLuke 3:3-4wmamp3
2012-03-25Putting Everything in its Historical Context - Part IILuke 3:1-2wmamp3
2012-03-18Putting Everything in its Historical Context - Part ILuke 3:1-2wmamp3
2011-03-11Testimony (speaker Hiromi Yamashita)Bilingualwmamp3
2012-03-04Spiritual GrowthLuke 2:51-52wmamp3
2012-02-26The Cry of the Persecuted - Part VI (I won't be defeated)Psalm 7:17wmamp3
2012-02-19Living in Obedience to GodLuke 2:49-50wmamp3
2012-02-12Two Kinds of Responses to JesusLuke 2:47-48wmamp3
2012-02-05The Search for GodLuke 2:44-46wmamp3
2012-01-29Losing Sight of JesusLuke 2:41-43wmamp3
2012-01-22The Cry of the Persecuted - Part V (Open your eyes to the truth)Psalm 7:14-16wmamp3
2012-01-15God Amongst Us as a ChildLuke 2:39-40wmamp3
2012-01-08Anna: Prayer WarriorLuke 2:36-38wmamp3
2011-12-25Expecting ChristMatthew 1:18-21wmamp3
2011-12-18The Results of Meeting with JesusLuke 2:33-35wmamp3
2011-12-11The Cry of the Persecuted - Part IV (My confidence is in the Lord)Psalm 7:10-13wmamp3
2011-12-04The Cry of the Persecuted - Part III (Let God's ways be proclaimed)Psalm 7:6-9wmamp3
2011-11-27The Blessing of Salvation - Part II (The impact on the world)Luke 2:31-32wmamp3
2011-11-20The Blessing of Salvation - Part I (The impact on the individual)Luke 2:28-30wmamp3
2011-11-13Wise SimeonLuke 2:25-27wmamp3
2011-11-06Set Apart for ServiceLuke 2:22-24wmamp3
2011-10-30The IncarnationLuke 2:21wmamp3
2011-10-23The Cry of the Persecuted - Part II (Let there be justice)Psalm 7:3-5wmamp3
2011-10-16Stages of Responding to the Gospel MessageLuke 2:19-20wmamp3
2011-10-09Messengers of the GospelLuke 2:17-18wmamp3
2011-10-02Finding Proof of the GospelLuke 2:15-16wmamp3
2011-09-25The Cry of the Persecuted - Part I (God is my refuge)Psalm 7:1-2wmamp3
2011-09-18And The Angels SangLuke 2:13-14wmamp3
2011-09-11The Results of the GospelLuke 2:10-12wmamp3
2011-09-04Seeing God's GloryLuke 2:8-9wmamp3
2011-08-28A Prayer in the Midst of a Crisis - Part IV (A Hopeful Voice)Psalm 6:8-10wmamp3
2011-07-31The Challenges of ObedienceLuke 2:6-7wmamp3
2011-07-24Testimony (speaker Nobuo Kobayashi)Bilingualwmamp3
2011-07-17The Journey of ObedienceLuke 2:4-5wmamp3
2011-07-10Setting the SceneLuke 2:1-3wmamp3
2011-07-03Preparing for ServiceLuke 1:80wmamp3
2011-06-26A Prayer in the Midst of a Crisis - Part III (I'm Helpless)Psalm 6:6-7wmamp3
2011-06-19The Coming of SalvationLuke 1:78-79wmamp3
2011-06-12Preparing the Way for the SaviourLuke 1:76-77wmamp3
2011-06-05The Characteristics of Those Who Receive SalvationLuke 1:74-75wmamp3
2011-05-29Proclaiming SalvationLuke 1:71-73wmamp3
2011-05-22A Prayer in the Midst of a Crisis - Part II (Reasoning with God)Psalm 6:4-5wmamp3
2011-05-15Proclaiming the SaviourLuke 1:67-70wmamp3
2011-04-24Our SaviourMatthew 26:55-56wmamp3
2011-04-17The Impact of FaithLuke 1:65-66wmamp3
2011-04-10Exercising FaithLuke 1:62-64wmamp3
2011-04-03Obeying God and not Conforming to the WorldLuke 1:59-61wmamp3
2011-03-27A Prayer in the Midst of a Crisis - Part I (A Plea for Mercy)Psalm 6:1-3wmamp3
2011-03-20God Delivers on His PromisesLuke 1:57-58wmamp3
2011-03-13To God be the Glory - Part III(Lessons from History)Luke 1:54-56wmamp3
2011-03-06To God be the Glory - Part II(Observations about God)Luke 1:50-53wmamp3
2011-02-27To God be the Glory - Part I(A Personal Testimony)Luke 1:46-49wmamp3
2011-02-20Testimony (speaker Mitsuko Fujita)Bilingualwmamp3
2011-02-13The Blessings of BelievingLuke 1:42-45wmamp3
2011-02-06Responding to the callingLuke 1:39-41wmamp3
2011-01-30Principles of Prayer - Part V(The Right Attitudes)Psalm 5:11-12wmamp3
2011-01-23Principles of Prayer - Part IV(The Wrong Attitudes)Psalm 5:9-10wmamp3
2011-01-16Humble Submission (Part II)Luke 1:36-38wmamp3
2011-01-09Humble Submission (Part I)Luke 1:34-35wmamp3
2011-01-02About JesusLuke 1:32-33wmamp3
2010-12-26Principles of Prayer - Part III(God's Response to the Righteous)Psalm 5:7-8wmamp3
2010-12-19Where is Christ?Matthew 2:4-6wmamp3
2010-12-12God's revelation and our understandingLuke 1:29-31wmamp3
2010-12-05Chosen by GodLuke 1:26-29wmamp3
2010-11-28Principles of Prayer - Part II(God's Response to the Wicked)Psalm 5:4-6wmamp3
2010-11-21When God's Will is DoneLuke 1:23-25wmamp3
2010-11-14Speechless - A Case of a Missed OpportunityLuke 1:21-22wmamp3
2010-11-07Zechariah DoubtsLuke 1:18-20wmamp3
2010-10-31The Mission of John the BaptistLuke 1:16-17wmamp3
2010-10-17The Manner of John the BaptistLuke 1:14-15wmamp3
2010-10-10Prayer Works!Luke 1:11-13wmamp3
2010-10-03Fragrant PrayersLuke 1:8-10wmamp3
2010-09-26Principles of Prayer - Part I(Coming before God)Psalm 5:1-3wmamp3
2010-09-19Patient EnduranceLuke 1:5-7wmamp3
2010-09-12The Centre of Human HistoryLuke 1:1-4wmamp3
2010-09-05Where do we go from here?Galatians 6:17-18wmamp3
2010-08-29Relief in Dry Times - Part IV(God's Relief)Psalm 4:6-8wmamp3
2010-08-08Back to the CrossGalatians 6:14-16wmamp3
2010-08-01Comfortable Middle Class ReligionGalatians 6:11-13wmamp3
2010-07-25Moving on with God (Part II)Galatians 6:8b-10wmamp3
2010-07-18Moving on with God (Part I)Galatians 6:6-8awmamp3
2010-07-11Three Things to Keep Ourselves in CheckGalatians 6:3-5wmamp3
2010-07-04Restoring the Body of ChristGalatians 6:1-2wmamp3
2010-06-27Relief in Dry Times - Part III(How to wait for relief)Psalm 4:4-5wmamp3
2010-06-20The Way of the CrossGalatians 5:24-26wmamp3
2010-06-13The Fruit of the Spirit - Part II (Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control)Galatians 5:22-23wmamp3
2010-06-06The Fruit of the Spirit - Part I (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience)Galatians 5:22-23wmamp3
2010-05-30The Acts of the Sinful Nature - Part V (Drunkenness, Orgies)Galatians 5:19-21wmamp3
2010-05-23The Acts of the Sinful Nature - Part IV (Selfish Ambition, Dissensions, Factions, Envy)Galatians 5:19-21wmamp3
2010-05-16The Acts of the Sinful Nature - Part III (Hatred, Discord, Jealousy, Fits of Rage)Galatians 5:19-21wmamp3
2010-05-09The Acts of the Sinful Nature - Part II (Idolatry and Witchcraft)Galatians 5:19-21wmamp3
2010-05-02The Acts of the Sinful Nature - Part I (Sexual Immorality, Impurity, Debauchery)Galatians 5:19-21wmamp3
2010-04-25Relief in Dry Times - Part II(Foolish and Wise Relief)Psalm 4:2-3wmamp3
2010-04-18The Spirit Filled LifeGalatians 5:16-18wmamp3
2010-04-11Use Freedom ResonsiblyGalatians 5:13-15wmamp3
2010-04-04He Chose the CrossMatthew 26:49-54wmamp3
2010-03-28Relief in Dry Times - Part I(The Lord our Reliever)Psalm 4:1wmamp3
2010-03-21Two Types of PreacherGalatians 5:11-12wmamp3
2010-03-14A Warning about False TeachingGalatians 5:7-10wmamp3
2010-03-07Future, Past, and PresentGalatians 5:5-6wmamp3
2010-02-28Testing Times (Part III)Psalm 3:5-8wmamp3
2010-02-21A Warning about Works Based ReligionGalatians 5:2-4wmamp3
2010-02-14The Key to Living in FreedomGalatians 5:1wmamp3
2010-02-07The Struggle Between the Spirit and the FleshGalatians 4:28-31wmamp3
2010-01-31Testimony (speaker Jonathan Tan)Bilingualwmamp3
2010-01-24Testimony (speaker David Blair)Bilingualwmamp3
2010-01-17Two JerusalemsGalatians 4:24-27wmamp3
2010-01-10Making ChoicesGalatians 4:21-23wmamp3
2010-01-03The Heart of a LeaderGalatians 4:19-20wmamp3
2009-12-27Testing Times (Part II)Psalm 3:3-4wmamp3
2009-12-20Searching for ChristMatthew 2:1-3wmamp3
2009-12-13Two Kinds of ZealGalatians 4:17-18wmamp3
2009-12-06Signs of Falling Away from GodGalatians 4:15-16wmamp3
2009-11-29The Bearer of Good TidingsGalatians 4:12-14wmamp3
2009-11-22Testing Times (Part I)Psalm 3:1-2wmamp3
2009-11-15What the old life was really likeGalatians 4:8-11wmamp3
2009-11-08The Walk of God's ChildrenGalatians 4:6-7wmamp3
2009-11-01The Work of SalvationGalatians 4:4-5wmamp3
2009-10-25The Declaration of God's Kingdom - Part 4: Get Prepared for the KingdomPsalm 2:10-12wmamp3
2009-10-18The Childish LifeGalatians 4:1-3wmamp3
2009-10-11A Focus on Hebrews Chapter 1 (speaker Laurie Clarke)Hebrews 1:1-3wmamp3
2009-10-03Priestly Garments and Fine Linen (speaker Laurie Clarke)Exodus 39:8-14wmamp3
2009-09-27Testimony (speaker Mika Ohashi)English VersionN/Amp3
2009-09-27Testimony (speaker Mika Ohashi)Japanese VersionN/Amp3
2009-09-20Those Who Belong to ChristGalatians 3:26-29wmamp3
2009-09-13The Faith Journey to FreedomGalatians 3:23-25wmamp3
2009-09-06The Law and the GospelGalatians 3:21-22wmamp3
2009-08-30Understanding the LawGalatians 3:19-20wmamp3
2009-08-23The Declaration of God's Kingdom - Part III: The King is EnthronedPsalm 2:7-9wmamp3
2009-08-16Standing on the promises of God (Part III)Galatians 3:15-18wmamp3
2009-08-09Standing on the promises of God (Part II)Galatians 3:15-18wmamp3
2009-08-02Standing on the promises of God (Part I)Galatians 3:15-18wmamp3
2009-07-26The Declaration of God's Kingdom - Part II: God Answers the RebelliousPsalm 2:4-6wmamp3
2009-07-19Our redemption through ChristGalatians 3:13-14wmamp3
2009-07-12Reliance on the Law is FoolishGalatians 3:10-12wmamp3
2009-07-05"The Journey of Life" (speaker Bob Walker)John 6:15-21wmamp3
2009-06-28"The Plant" (speaker Bob Walker)Genesis 3*wmamp3
2009-06-21Our common heritage with AbrahamGalatians 3:8-9wmamp3
2009-06-14Confidence in our standing as righteous before GodGalatians 3:6-7wmamp3
2009-06-07Remaining in the Truth (Don't be foolish!) - Part IIGalatians 3:3-5wmamp3
2009-05-31Remaining in the Truth (Don't be foolish!) - Part IGalatians 3:1-2wmamp3
2009-05-24The Declaration of God's Kingdom - Part I: The Rebellion of the WorldlyPsalm 2:1-3wmamp3
2009-05-17Christian Living (Part II)Galatians 2:20-21wmamp3
2009-05-10Christian Living (Part I)Galatians 2:17-19wmamp3
2009-05-03Hitting God's TargetGalatians 2:15-16wmamp3
2009-04-26Two Different DestiniesPsalm 1:5-6wmamp3
2009-04-19When Public Correction is Necessary (Part II)Galatians 2:11-14wmamp3
2009-04-12When Public Correction is Necessary (Part I)Galatians 2:11-14wmamp3
2009-04-05The Marks of True FellowshipGalatians 2:9-10wmamp3
2009-03-29Three things that really matter in our service to GodGalatians 2:6-8wmamp3
2009-03-22Two Kinds of FruitPsalm 1:3-4wmamp3
2009-03-15The Road to Maturity (Part II)Galatians 2:4-5wmamp3
2009-03-08The Road to Maturity (Part I)Galatians 2:1-3wmamp3
2009-03-01The Marks of a Humble WalkGalatians 1:18-24wmamp3
2009-02-22Two ways to livePsalm 1:1-2wmamp3
2009-02-15A Life TransformedGalatians 1:15-17wmamp3
2009-02-08Godless DevotionGalatians 1:13-14wmamp3
2009-02-01Things I want to make clear about the GospelGalatians 1:11-12wmamp3
2009-01-25Attributes of a False Gospel (Part II)Galatians 1:6-10wmamp3
2009-01-18Attributes of a False Gospel (Part I)Galatians 1:6-10wmamp3
2009-01-11A message sent from GodGalatians 1:1-5wmamp3

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