Nagaokakyo, Kyoto-fu, Japan: Home of Shining Lights Church

Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, Japan


Our Vision: We are all Shining Lights, shining out to show others the way to Jesus. We love, encourage, and teach others to grow to be more Christlike. First in Nagaokakyo, then Kyoto-fu, then Kansai, then Japan and all over the world.



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DateTitleScripture Reference  
2017-10-15From Possessed To PreacherLuke 8:38-39wmamp3
2017-10-08Rejecting the HealerLuke 8:36-37wmamp3
2017-09-24A Prayer for Justice - Part IV (A Just Course of Life)Psalm 17:4-5wmamp3
2017-09-17Examining the EvidenceLuke 8:34-35wmamp3
2017-09-10The Drowning of the PigsLuke 8:32-33wmamp3
2017-09-03A Legion of DemonsLuke 8:30-31wmamp3
2017-08-27A Prayer for Justice - Part III (A Plea of Innocence)Psalm 17:3wmamp3

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